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2012 HH Buck Syrah - Reserve

Coyote Canyon Winery, Prosser, WA, AVA HHH

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Dec 1, 2018 thru Dec 31, 2018
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Tasting Notes

This is a Washington Syrah with aromas that jump out of the bottle. Big fruit aromas mix with toasty barrel notes making for a pleasing smell. The flavors are like cherry jam, it is big and mouth filling, this is not a little wine. The finish is like velvet, silky and smooth. The slight woody notes help this wine pair well with bar-b-q foods.

Vineyard Designation

Coyote Canyon Vineyard

Winemaker Notes

The Buck is named after one of the bulls that use to roam the Coyote Canyon Vineyard before it was a vineyard. The blend is 100% Syrah and picked from all French oak barrels. I find that Syrah can be a tricky wine to make and can change directions quickly. I enjoy the finish of this wine and think that Syrah can be a great addition to some of our other blends because of its great color, fruit forwardness and silky finish. It has a lot of the components I enjoy finding in Syrah and I hope that you agree.


Gold- 17 Seattle Wine Awards
Vintage 2012
Wine Style Medium Red Wine
Varietal Syrah
Appellation Horse Heaven Hills
Bottling Date June 2014
Alcohol % 14.6
Size 750 ml