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2012 HH Michael Andrews - Reserve

Fruity and rich, bright cherry from Tempranillo, tar and coaco from the Graciano and light smoke from the barrels.

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Dec 1, 2018 thru Dec 31, 2018
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Tasting Notes

This is an exciting Spanish style blend combining the bright fruit and acidity of Tempranillo with the dense richness of Graciano. This wine is elegant, rich, smooth, and has depth and character. This wine is still showing young with some cherry notes and mild chocolate. The finish is rich and evolving with an almost caramel component to it. Pairs nicely with lamb chops.

Vineyard Designation

Coyote Canyon Vineyard


Double Platinum 16 Wine Press Northwest
Vintage 2012
Wine Style Bold Red Wine
Varietal Tempranillo
Varietal Composition
67% Tempranillo
33% Graciano
Appellation Horse Heaven Hills
Alcohol % 14.1
Size 750 ml