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Showing great fruit aromas of cigar box, ripe blackberries and dark chocolate mingle subtle flavors of black currants, French vanilla and toasty oak.

$25.00 per Bottle
$300.00 per Case

Aromas of spicy berry chutney, chocolate strawberries and oranges. A fruity-yet-dry medium body showing tangy, citrus, melon and a spice accented finish with dusty tannins. 

$25.00 per Bottle
$300.00 per Case

Rhone style blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre. Smooth tannins and silky flavors of vanilla, cedar and ripe cherries finish this rich, medium bodied wine.

SOLD OUT!  Only available in our Rhone Blend Package.  

$25.00 per Bottle
$300.00 per Case

A dark red color with aromatics of Bing cherries, currents, and toasted oak. This wine has cherry flavors, dried strawberries and mild leather and chocolate. 

$25.00 | $20.00 per Bottle
$300.00 | $240.00 per Case

Ripe Marion berry, baked pie and a mild oak spice aroma, this wine has a full bodied entry with flavors of red fruit, chocolate and coffee and finishes with spice.

$25.00 per Bottle
$300.00 per Case

Aromas of plum and oak mix with subtle aromas of tar, boysenberry and dark chocolate. The flavors are rich and jammy with a lengthy smooth finish.

$25.00 per Bottle
$300.00 per Case

Leather, spice, and oak mingle together with dried fruit aromas. A lighter bodied red with great acidity and high pH make this a smooth and refreshing wine.

$25.00 per Bottle
$300.00 per Case

This medium body wine aromas of peach skin, honeysuckle and almond, starts mildly fruity then transitions to a balanced mineral style wine. 

$22.00 | $19.00 per Bottle
$256.00 | $228.00 per Case
This wine has wonderful citrus, mild lime, and tropical aromas. Flavors of star fruit, ripe grapefruit and apple are complemented with a smooth creamy finish.
$14.00 | $14.00 per Bottle
$0.00 | $228.00 per Case

Previoiusly sold as Downtown White, this wine delights with sweet tropical fruit aromas like pineapple, starfruit, and guava mix with mild citrus. Flavors of apple and persimmon finishing with perfect acidity to cleanse the palette. 

$13.00 | $10.00 per Bottle
$156.00 | $120.00 per Case

This wine is light bodied with nice structure and flavors of mild citrus, honeysuckle and starfruit. 

$19.00 | $19.00 per Bottle
$264.00 | $228.00 per Case

This wine has a bright fragrance of apricot and honeysuckle with flavors of apricot, honey and a mild earthiness. 

$22.00 per Bottle
$288.00 per Case