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SHIPPING NOTICE: Some Wines are sensitive to extreme hot temperatures.  We are watching shipping routes to make sure your wine reaches your destination tasting as delicious as it did leaving our winery.  If weather conditions are not ideal for shipping, we may contact you regarding your order and offer options to hold your order or upgrade delivery service. 


Spicy currents and mocha mixed with rich oak aromas introduce a savory flavor with mouth watering taste. Limited production. Pairs well with grilled red meats. 

$50.00 | $35.00 per Bottle
$600.00 | $420.00 per Case

Bing cherries, plums, and sweet oak spice. The wine starts off with rich fruit flavors but has a tart cranberry flavor that cuts through the finish. This wine is powerful yet smooth.


$50.00 per Bottle
$600.00 per Case

The flavor profile starts with Bing cherries, dark chocolate and oak. The finish is long and lingering with tannin notes and leather.  True to the site and the Horse Heaven Hills, the tannins have a unique dusty quality to them that adds complexity to the wine. 

$42.00 per Bottle
$504.00 per Case

This wine starts off with chocolate and Bing cherries before finishing with a nice velvet feel. Full bodied with a bit of spice on the finish.

$40.00 per Bottle
$0.00 | $480.00 per Case
Sweet peppercorn mixes with fresh fruit, light oak and spice. Intense and complex.
$40.00 per Bottle
$480.00 per Case

A beautifully designed label by Marti is matched by the power and elegance of this vintage. The Petite Verdot is dark and thick, full flavored and complex.

$50.00 per Bottle
$600.00 per Case

Dark and rich this Port is sure to please. It has dark jam notes, big lush chocolate tones sweet at first but the spicy fruit finish is just right. Great with dessert or just all on its own. The picture is Charlie as 'ring bearer' for Mike & Marti's wedding.

$32.00 per Bottle
$384.00 per Case