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Chocolate, blackberry, spice and oak mix together for an intoxicating aroma. This port shows flavors of sweet dark cherries, wood and baked pie linger for a long finish. 

$32.00 per Bottle
$384.00 per Case
We're excited to introduce our first Artist Series wine and kick off our Graciano varietal. Spicy currents and mocha mixed with rich oak aromas introduce a savory flavor with mouth watering taste. Limited production. Pairs well with grilled red meats. 
$50.00 per Bottle
$600.00 per Case

This big, powerful and complex wine jumps out at you from the glass. The color is a rich dark red, with aromas of oak, chocolate, and earth. Initially, the wine shows a good amount of fruit, but quickly transitions into a unique and long finish, which showcases tannin and earthiness. 

$50.00 per Bottle
$600.00 per Case

Release Date: June 2017.  Release notifications will be sent to all of our members.

This summer red wine package includes 3 of our amazing Italian varietal wines. The summer wines of choice for red wine drinkers! 

CCW 2012 Sangiovese
CCW 2013 Barbera
CCW 2013 Primativo


Wine Club Discount - 20%
Case Discount - 10%

$70.00 | $60.00 per Case

Previously sold as Downtown Red. Enjoy aromas and flavors of dried red fruits with a spicy quality and a smokey note come from this Syrah blend.

$13.00 | $10.00 per Bottle
$156.00 | $120.00 per Case