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The flavor profile starts with Bing cherries, dark chocolate and oak. The finish is long and lingering with tannin notes and leather.  True to the site and the Horse Heaven Hills, the tannins have a unique dusty quality to them that adds complexity to the wine. 

$42.00 per Bottle
$504.00 per Case

This wine starts off with chocolate and Bing cherries before finishing with a nice velvet feel. Full bodied with a bit of spice on the finish.

$40.00 per Bottle
$0.00 | $480.00 per Case
Sweet peppercorn mixes with fresh fruit, light oak and spice. Intense and complex.
$40.00 per Bottle
$480.00 per Case

Ripe fruit notes like raspberries and boysenberries mix with a soft oak touch. The flavors are big and rich, a touch of jam and intense fruit followed with a lingering finish. 

$26.00 per Bottle
$312.00 per Case

Light and fruity with honeysuckle and pear flavors. Slightly sweet with a nice crisp minerality note.

$20.00 | $14.00 per Bottle
$240.00 | $168.00 per Case

Darker red fruit flavors, ripe blackberry, spice, leather, and soft tannins. Full bodied for a Rhone style blend but smooth and rich with a long lingering finish. 

$24.00 per Bottle
$288.00 per Case
Please note: The minimum order quantity for this item is 1.

This wine is bursting with tropical flavors dipped in simple lime syrup. Sweet and dry at the same time, refreshingly delicious.

$20.00 per Bottle
$240.00 per Case

This Rhone style blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre has evolved into one of our highest award winning wines which include Double and Triple Platinum Awards. With flavors of black pepper, cherry and spices, this is one of our customer favorites for a great value. A fun opportunity to try all 3 vintages.

2013 CCW Tres Cruces
2014 CCW Tres Cruces 
2015 CCW Tres Cruces



$60.00 per Case

At first a nice bright Bing cherry tastes comes through only to be coated with caramel and oak notes.  The finish shows some leather notes a nice bit of tannin.  True to the site and the Horse Heaven Hills the tannins have a unique dusty quality to them that adds complexity to the wine.

$42.00 per Bottle
$504.00 per Case

One of our most sought after wines. A big rich Bordeaux blend, velvet textured with flavors of cherry, chocolate and a long lingering finish. 


$42.00 per Bottle
$504.00 per Case

This is a Washington Syrah with aromas that jump out of the bottle. The flavors are like cherry jam, big and mouth filling. The finish is like velvet, silky and smooth. The slight woody notes help this wine pair well with bar-b-q foods.

$40.00 per Bottle
$480.00 per Case

Spicy currents and mocha mixed with rich oak aromas introduce a savory flavor with mouth watering taste. Limited production. Pairs well with grilled red meats. 

$50.00 | $35.00 per Bottle
$600.00 | $420.00 per Case